Spreading personal brilliance

Since its launch in 1997 the HTC Corporation has been responsible for breakthrough innovations and award-winning mobile devices making it an icon in the smartphone sector. Our job was to ensure the success of the launch of the new A9 handset across major global markets by creating buzz and awareness in a personal and engaging way. In order to show how the new A9 perfectly integrates into your personal life, Pulse Advertising had leading global influencers share various photos of them with their A9 in different life situations therein letting their followers experience the device first hand in a personal and intimate way.

A View Of Grassland Clicked By HTC A9
Chris John Millington Promoting HTC A9
Sea View Clicked By HTC A9
Castel Sant'angelo
Lake View Clicked By HTC A9
Picture Clicked On Instagram By HTC A9
Amusement Ride
Couple Clicking Picture With HTC A9
Picture Clicked In Bali With HTC A9
Mariano Di Vaio